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Floor Insulation

A well insulated floor stops heat escaping from the floor into the ground.  Did you know that approximately 10% of heat from a home is lost through the floor! That’s why floor insulation is important to consider as part of your floor system

Why Install Floor Insulation?

There are many advantages to having underfloor insulation as part of your underfloor heating system. 

Firstly, underfloor insulation helps to eliminate any drafts that could develop.  Different properties could require different types of insulation depending on the particular build and the underfloor heating system you require.  This sounds complicated, however we have years of experience in this field so can advise you on the best solution for your property and preferred underfloor system.

Floor insulation also helps to reduce heat loss.  Although it’s important to remember that it won’t help to actually heat a property by making the floor warmer, it will retain heat when the room is warmed up, either with underfloor heating or a traditional radiator system.  More than 10% of an average sized property’s heat can be lost through the floor.  This can increase in older properties where the floors may be made of materials that don’t retain heat well. 

Moisture getting under the floor can also be an issue in some properties.  A layer of floor insulation can help prevent damp getting in, and therefore reduce the risk of a wood warping over time. By helping to retain heat in your property by using floor insulation, you can help to make savings on your energy bills.